Friday, November 12, 2010

"It's good to see you"...Really?

You'd think people would take a minute to think about what they say before they say it.  Anyone who knows me would say 'that's like the pot calling the kettle black Dave'.  I am known to have started up a conversation with people in the middle of my thought process giving them no background to the question or statement I make.  The first person to call me out on this was my Dad.  After a few minutes of silence while working on a project in the garage together I would say something like: "Why do you think they do that?"  "Do What!" Art would say in his irritated stern voice.  "Son, you need to THINK before you speak!  I have no idea what you are talking about!"  Interestingly enough, Julie does this all the time too.  If you are around Julie long enough, she not only does this, she expects you to follow her in the conversation.  She will continue on and give you incomplete sentences ending in "You know what I mean?"  I am finding that I actually have an idea what she is talking about, even when she starts talking to me mid-thought process.

What is the point?  Everytime we have been in the hospital lately, the staff who regularly see Julie say things like: 'Back so soon?' or 'Long time no see!' or 'Your in here a lot' or 'I hope I can remind you how sick you are'...just kidding.  I made that one up.  We usually get a good laugh out of how lame people sound...Debbie downers. 

We always have funny stories about how people treat Julie in the hospital.  How often are we actually offended?  Almost never.  Take today for instance; Julie told me about one of the nurses who was shorter. When she came in to do her meds early this morning she stood awkwardly close to her and just spoke as if it were 1:34 in the afternoon.  You know the person?  Close talker. Well she asked to get a new LPN.   Or the nurse a few hospital stays ago; Julie had a nurse that would turn on all the lights in the room for her 1:00 am med. as if she didn't have a flashlight.  Julie asked her to use her light, or at least just the one by the sink, and the nurse started to banter with her.  (By the way I am laughing as I write this, and Julie's laughing when she tells me these stories) I understand that she probably needed to see what she was doing to take care of my wife, but when the other nurses do it with a flashlight, you have to wonder.  Then theres the ones who want to chill and tell julie stories.  Julie loves to talk to some of the nurses, but it is so funny when I am on the phone with her on speaker and they walk in without knocking and start talking to her as if she has absolutely nothing to do or think about.  All the while I'm mid sentence and I hear the faint Julie voice answering a question about blood sugars or liter flow or something.  This happens on a daily basis.  She has to answer the question from the nurse or RT etc because they have a job to do!  They don't have to wait, say excuse me, or even tap the door.  Sometimes they will start to chill, with Julie holding the phone in her hand she will give them a hint, and just yell 'Dave!'  Then, they realize she has had me on speaker phone the whole time and they will just awkwardly walk out of the room.  Julie gets a good laugh out of that one.  The worst for her, and this is serious, is when they do the same thing while she is eating her meal.  Meal time is critical for a Cystic.  She has to eat when she feels good enough to considering the meds and the nausea that comes with them.  Getting inturrupted, especially on those first days when her energy is so low, is very irritating.  Can you blame her?  They are coming into her 'home'.  The least they could do is show a few manners.

We have to make light of these situations.  It makes the whole hospital to home to hospital lifestyle bearable, and sort of 'normal'.  Life truely is great for us.  I said that to Julie last week.  I have never been happier in my life than I am right now.  She agreed.  It's sort of ironic really.  Here we are on our 7th or 8th hospital stay in 2010 each lasting about 2 weeks and life is grand?!  Yes it is.  We have two beautiful boys, a great marriage, and a roof over our heads.  Julie is alive and kicking.  We cling to every positive thing regarding her health.  Something as small as decreasing her O2 dependence today from 6 to 5 liters totally changes her outlook and attitude.  She was able to walk on the treadmill and not feel like she has to hold on to the side rails.  Its because she feels she can improve, and that is an anomolie for someone who has lived with CF their whole lives.  Julie is amazing.  She rarely complains or whines.  On occasion she will tell me how she is feeling, but I just feel like she is getting it off her chest.  She tends to just let it go and move forward.  That is probably why she has beat the odds through her life.  We are being carried right now, and we appreciate all the love and prayers extended towards us.  God Bless!  He is with you and He is with us.  He does care about our struggles and about our trials.  Don't ever doubt!

God Speed.  

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