Monday, November 22, 2010

Julie's Home

Julie's Home; That's a common theme around here. Having Julie home is something we've said 6 times this year after each two week hospital stay. It's amazing how Ben and Jack respond everytime the see her 'for the first time'. When we drove up to see her last Saturday, Ben had a look of complete bliss. He just smiled with his mouth closed looking up at his mom in the front seat. He just sort of looked forward at the seat in front of him and kept on smiling with a look like 'that's my mom up there'. Jack on the other hand started giggling and didn't stop for several minutes. He was so excited and couldn't stop giggling until he started to tell her stories and jabber about trucks and other things in plain english (to him). Ben quickly joined in and yelled 'daaaa!' as he pointed forward. Again, they are at the age where they talk like you should understand every word (especially Jack right now)

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