Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am so grateful for normal days

Julie is doing so well today.  It is days like this that I forget she has a very serious chronic illness.  We spent the day together picking out tile for the basement.  We are in the LONG process of finishing it.  Luckily we are at the end stages.  I am so excited to have a truely dust free home for my wife.  It has been long overdue.  Her brother Matt and his girlfriend came over today while we were away for a few hours.  On the way home, Julie ran out of oxygen, but insisted I continue in our quest to the McDonalds drive through.  She loves fast food, and it's a good thing since her body needs more complex carbs.  It is working so hard that high fat foods are actually good for her; she can utilize more energy from them.  In the words of her nurse at the transplant clinic: "Burger king is your friend."  Sounds sort of backwards doesn't it?

We spent the rest of the day watching home videos of her and her brothers.  It is so great to see her as a child.  She is so cute and has so many of the same mannerisms.  She was very active, and only those close to her knew the specifics of her disease.  Today it is on her sleeve.  One of the videos was of a dance recital when she was 8 or 10.  She had a cough attack after and her dad was asking her questions.  It was a reminder to me that her disease was affecting her even as a small child.

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  1. Ah the normal days are awesome aren't they! Sad that they actually include portable oxygen which I'm not so sure very many people would call normal ;) Glad you had a good weekend, and might I recommend 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. The Bacon Cheeseburger has over 900 calories, more than 500 of which are from fat. The Little Bacon Cheeseburger has over 600 calories of which 350 are from fat. I generally have one of each.