Sunday, February 20, 2011

January 26, 2011

Jack said "mouth" perfectly tonight. It's so fun to hear his little voice say words. He continued on to point to my nose and say, "Noshe", "eyesh" and "earsh". Jack loves to talk, he will go around and tell you everyone's name: mam (mom), Nan (Mary), Den (Ben) and dad. "Ben is becoming more and more verbal everyday. He will say, "oh gone" or "uh ohh", light is "ga ga got", banana is "na na", or what's that is "tha tha" Ben will want to say words or sing by chomping his teeth up and down in silence. When he looks through the book, "Brown bear brown bear" by Eric Carle, he will point to an animal then look at your lips and wait for you to say it. He is starting to "rrrahr" when he points at the bear now. Jack will put the Brown bear puzzle together and will say all the animals names and make their sounds. He would play that puzzle all day if you would let him. Jack is so interactive, what a great quality. He's so involved and loves attention and is very playful. I think a favorite game that the both boys have always liked is to jump in their cribs while we sit in the rocking chair and throw back and forth blankets and stuffed animals at each others faces. We do this in a very light and playful matter and they love it, they laugh so hard. This is usually played in the evening before bedtime so they get really giggly around that time.

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