Sunday, February 20, 2011

November 12, 2010

I can't help but think if this transplant works for me why James didn't have another chance at life? Why wasn't his heart and body not strong enough to go through transplant? But then again, I do think that James time to leave this earth was meant to be Because James had so many times he was suppose to die and didn't. He really already had so many chances at life. I will wonder why he wasn't meant to be here on earth with his family and I was? If my family needs me here as much as I need them and if it is Gods will, then I will be so privileged.
I wonder if my boys Ben and Jack are aware of my illness. They pull on my oxygen cord sometimes and they will suck on it occationally. Dave will be giving me a CPT treatment and Jack will come up from behind and start pounding on my back like daddy. When Ben was around eight months old he was quite defensive when it came time for a CPT treatment, he was quick to try to stop daddys hand from, what it looked like to him, beating me. So sweet!
We call my oxygen e-tank "steel gumby".
"When something is broken it means it can't work by itself". We need others to help us when we are broken, especially the Lord.
"You can still enjoy life, even though you are dying". Paul cardall

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