Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stressed?? No I'm good.

It takes quite a bit to stress me out. Anyone who knows me knows I fly by the seat of my pants. When you are married to someone however, the spouse knows just what to say to heighten stress. For example, over Thanksgiving weekend we had some very cold snowstorms blow through Salt Lake. I snowplow on the weekends and Julie and the boys keep me company. One night it was extremely cold and we made our way to costco to pick up a pallet of salt (approx 2500 lbs). Normally something this heavy isn't going to budge. To my surprise, when I started plowing the Dans parking lot on 70th south the pallet was sliding back and forth. It took one time of giving it too much gas and the pallet slid into my tailgate an just crunched it! After getting out of the truck and seeing the damage I had done, I had accepted it and was ready to deal with it. After getting into the truck and telling Julie what happened, she simply said, "You tend to break a lot of things." I'm laughing as I write it now, but at the time I was in utter confusion as to why she would say that. If you know Julie at all, chances are you are laughing out loud.

The night before last I tossed and turned thinking about the possibility of being out of town for work when we end up getting the call. I have put this in the back of my mind until now. As a result I had a talk with Julie that morning before I left for the airport. I let her know how much I loved her and that if she got the call while I was gone this time or ever, I would be waiting for her in recovery. It's hard to think that she might have to go in without me there. I said what I needed to say should that happen. As I was sleeping I was waking up feeling this unfamiliar anxiety that it could be sooner than we think. Since we don't get much of updates from the center, everything gets placed in the back of our minds; well at least my mind. I'm sure Julie thinks about it a lot more than I do. Things haven't really changed for us. We are still battling her CF with nebs and CPT (I pound on her back to break up the mucus). She is relatively calm about all of this and it's a huge blessing to the both of us. I am convinced the Lord has heard our prayers and is truly carrying the weight for us. "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."


  1. you know i lol when i heard what julies remarks was about the salt, because i know the both nuts you are thats why i knew you were, the perfect couple.i love and miss you both julie you are everything i ever thought you were and more my love for you is just like it is for david, you both are so bless but you know that.every monday night after family home eveing me and the boys say a special prayer for the both of you we love the hendrickson's so much like father gaves us a whole new family thank you all again and again for just being there for us and loving us too, i have three women in my life i love as much as i love myself and thats marlyn julie and lola warren god has really blessed me too and i feel it and so thankfull to have yall...ben and jack are so blessed this is a very great and blessed so glad i finally found this site so i could read and keep up with whats all going on with my family,we all miss and love you from the great sunshine state west palm beach florida i keep the hendrickson and warrens name in the air all the time like yall never left, because you will forever be in our hearts...
    your loving sister Exater

  2. You guys...I am in my own little world here in TX! I am just getting updated...So glad to find your blog so I can stay close to whats going on. I love you guys! Ill keep you in my prayers and spread the word. Love you Jules!

  3. I love you guys! We're praying everyday for you Jules. My kids still thank our Heavenly Father that you got listed. It's great to get updates on your blog...sorry we don't get together as often as we used to. Life is just crazy for you guys and for us. Keep in touch. Love you all! -Aly, Brig, & kids