Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day after the Hospital

February 16, 2011

Today it was official. Julie came home yesterday with a sore throat. Today she is sick. How ironic, just a day out of the hospital and she has a cold from someone up there. We spent the last week and a half avoiding her because we were sick here at home. Go figure. I asked her if it depressed her, 'No, it just sucks you know?' She goes through a lot. She takes it in stride and handles it with such poise. I am so impressed with her.

Jack and Ben seem to be doing fine through all of this. Jack has started to say 'bye dad' everytime I walk out the door, regardless of weather or not he and Ben are coming with me. Ben is about where Jack was 6 weeks ago; he knows when I'm leaving, but he's not sure he's okay with it. He will cry a little bit, but usually stops pretty quickly. When I come home, Jack is almost always sitting on his toy box looking out our bay window. If you ever drive by our house, look for him, he's almost always there. I will pull into the driveway and wave at him and he will slowly wave at me. Just today when I walked in he said 'Hi dad!' he kept saying it a few times for the first few minutes. They are good boys, and have perservered through a lot of change just like their mother. They just seem to handle it. I am so proud of them.

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