Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 3

Julie was up this morning sitting in her bed when her nurse came in. "Are you alright?" Julie replied, "Yeah, I'm just relaxing." Sitting up it is easier to breathe and get fluid/moisture up out of the lungs. She is still working hard. She said she had a rough night. Her nurse wasn't as attentive as she would have liked. One annoyance that we got when the CF Clinic rooms moved to the regular internal med floors was the secretary or nurse calling over the intercom. Julie isn't crazy with the nurse button. What I mean is she doesn't push it for a juice box, or a remote, she usually just waits till the nurse is back in the room. If she does push it, she needs her nurse, not an intercom. It isn't good patient care. I know there legitimate reasons for that protocol, but when you are in pain, and in the ICU for that matter, its irritating. I think I'm going to post a sign on the door for her. As a result of last night being uncomfortable, she didn't sleep well and is very sleepy today. She is asleep right now.

She took another walk this morning and is pushing herself. They had to re-dress one of the chest tubes because it was leaking at the site. She is at 35% O2 while she is sleeping. When you are supine (on your back) your O2 saturation tends to drop naturally anyway. She ate some jello so we're on our way to regular food.

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