Monday, March 28, 2011

Small things

I am noticing the small changes in our life already. On more than one occasion I am waking up to a cooked breakfast. This is so foreign to me. The last person who made breakfast for me was my high school! The first morning this happened, after telling me it was ready, I continued to get dressed. She asked me, "What are you doing? Don't let it get cold, it's rude." I love it. How do you say no to that?!

She is also not claustrophobic whit it comes to sitting next to me on the couch. Before, even if my arm simply touched her side she would need to move. She couldn't have any pressure on her lungs, it restricted her breathing. I'd put my arm around her and she'd say 'I can't breath' half seriously. On Saturday when we watched a movie she cuddled right up. I find that I'm the one moving now.

Every improvement is subtle, but noticed. I was surprised at how much basketball I was able to watch last weekend. I still feed the kids, but she's preparing the food while I do it. We are more of a team than ever before. I'm not constantly being ordered around like an indentured servant. Any annoyance I used to have was quickly nipped in the butt by the elephant in the room: the woman I'm married to looking at me with an O2 cannula on her face! We used to jokingly say 'You've got a good set of lungs, get up and get it yourself!' Julie of course took this to the next level and would say it to Ben and Jack when they started whining for something. She has a dark and contagious sense of humor. I'm just waiting for the right time to use that line now; and not flinch after saying it!

Julie's PFT was up to 71 today. Dr. Cahill is impressed with her healing. She said today, "I'm getting bored." Jules still had her original steri strips on her chest and doc took them right off. Julie told her it's getting harder to remember to do her 2nd and 3rd neb treatment on time during the day right now. She doesn't sense the need like she used to. Dr. Cahill said "Don't say that; I don't want to hear that." Her O2 sats are still upwards of 100% even when she works out. She has a lower heart rate as well. Where her heart used to beat 125 bpm while doing an exercise, now it's 99 bpm. Bill her PT is really impressed with how well she's doing on rehab. For the record, because I keep getting asked: SHE DOES NOT WEAR OXYGEN, AT ALL. She hasn't worn it since she took it off in the hospital on day 6 or so.


  1. I love to hear all the little things that you are enjoying in life now, things I take so for granted. It makes me take a look at my life with new eyes and new appreciation for all of the blessings I enjoy.

  2. Thank you for letting us know how things are going. I check for this news before national, local, weather and sports.
    Uncle Gary

  3. Hi Julie, I just got a chance to look at your blog. It was good but it also made me realize what you have been through and what I am going to have to go through. I know it is not fun. You look so great and healthy. I have seen you in pulmonary rehab at the "U". I am glad I got to meet you before I leave for Pittsburgh to await my double lung transplant. I like you have felt the overwhelming support of family, friends and our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. Without that support I would not be able to make it. Knowing you and the others I have met at the "U" helps me to know that I can get through it too. I wish you continued success and I will hope to see you when I get back. Love, Susan Cannon
    PS. Sorry it says Grant said. I am using his computer and can't figure out how to put my name there!