Friday, March 11, 2011

Julie and I walked down had breakfast together. It was nice to be with her last evening and today. Thanks to Julie's friend Heidi, I was able to spend the night here. She camped out with the boys at home. We have ha a lot of help from Mary our nanny, neighbors, family, and my parents stayed there the first night. I don't think they had much sleep as they were keeping up to date with the blog/surgery.

We had an xray this morning, and of course she walked there too. Rick was up to visit and watching those two together is always entertaining. Julie calls the collection canisters for her chest tubes her suitcases, her tubes her jump ropes, and you'll have to ask me what she calls her catheter and tube that has a bulb on the end of it. We had some good laughs.

Right now we are in endoscopy waiting for a bronchoscope. Her xray looked pretty good this morning; better than yesterday. There is still some junk in the upper right lobe.

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  1. I stumbled across your blog, and wanted to let you know that Julie is in my thoughts and prayers. It's been forever, but I will always remember Julie's spunky spirit. Your boys are absolutely beautiful. My husband Ryann and I are expecting twin boys in June, and seeing your sweet boys made me smile. Hang in there. Your blog is an inspiration.

    Abby (Clinger) DeGraff