Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Julie had clinic yesterday

They prescribed her lasix to draw off some water. She is much more comfortable without the tree trunk legs that many women know about from pregnancy. Her knee really hurt from all that pressure so hopefully that will go away. She is supposed to eat a lot of protein to assist in the healing process. That being said, she is trying to avoid high sodium foods because of her water retention. They didn't need to do a bronchoscope because Dr. Cahill said her x-ray looked beautiful. She is sore but she seems to improve with each day.It's still hard to believe this all happened. I feel like I did on my wedding day, the day the boys were born just about every day. Life is slipping into normalcy again, so I am really glad I wrote it down as it happened. It is crazy how much you forget.

On Thursday, two days after she got home, Ben started having a runny nose. Now it has been passed on to me. Julie and I pass each other in our home like acquaintances. Since about Friday night I have been on the couch at night and Julie walks around the house with a mask on. We are rounding the corner, so hopefully we get through this without getting her sick. That would be terrible. Jack is starting to get sick so we have about 5-7 more days of this.


  1. I am so happy to hear Julie is doing well and I pray she does not catch the cold. Life for us took a bit to really feel like it was all real because it feels so unbelievable. Even now over 3 years post Transplant my husband and I sometimes feel like our life now is too good to be true. Best of luck with your new life and all the wonderful that await you in the years to come.

  2. Hey dave!
    Thanks for sharing your blog with us here at cuc.... I'll continue to check up on it! I hope your wife is doing good. You guys have a cute family.