Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Julie is all cleaned up. She wanted a bath so they gave her a warm sponge bath. She is resting her eyes now. I told her today that it feels more like a regular hospital stay now that she is talking, moving around, etc. We are slowly taking tubes out. They removed another peripheral line today. I saw her incision line today. It's knarly at the very least. Picture a lower case w that starts on the side of your chest, goes below the pectoral and back up in the center across the sternum. She isn't able to take as deep breaths as she'd like to since it is so tender there. Her color looks really good. She took two walks today that were longer. Her nurse told her that patients usually walk about 50 ft. and want to go back. When she ever comes back to the room they ask her if she wants to go in and she says, "Lets take another lap." It's really cool to see how ambitious she is with her physical activity. It makes me think of what her dad would be like in a similar situation.


  1. this whole thing is absolutely amazing! you guys are incredible...

  2. Dave,

    Tell Julie Hi for me. It was such a pleasure to take care of her pre and post transplant. I am mesmerized by this website. I read every word tonight. It is so sobering to see it from a different perspective and to watch someone I enjoyed taking care of so much go through such a life changing event. I was so happy to be there for her and you on Sunday. Since I'm not back till Monday I'll continue to check in for updates. I hope she had a good day today.


    Nicole Cottle RT