Sunday, March 6, 2011

Julie is more responsive

I have to say, If I repeat with it. I had two hours of sleep, but my eyes still burn. Julie is much more responsive now. From the beginning she would squeeze my hand when I would ask her to but it was extremely light. Now its much more of an attempt to squeeze. She has been heavily sedated all day, but it seems as though her mental response is there. I know she won't remember a lot of this but its nice to have a quick response from her from the beginning. She has asked a few questions/made a few statements:

Can I blow..."my nose" we filled in
I am thirsty.
Did Ice chips? (She wants ice) The breathing tube is drying her mouth.
Did they had to put me on bypass?

And here is the classic one written to her dad:
Are you in a hurry?
Let me write then.

She is as spunky as ever. I am loving that. I still can't get over how pink her lips and fingernails are. She looks so good and is fighting well. I told her "whatever you are doing to fight through this, it is working." Her heart rate is down to around 68-70, O2 saturation @ 100, she is on 40% O2 with her ventilator with a pressure support of 16. It was at 12, but her PCO2 levels were in the high 40's so they turned that up. Dr. Cahill wants those PCO2 levels around 40-45. Her respiratory rate is in the mid 25-30 most of the time. I can see about 11 pumps that are administering pain meds, antibiotics, an anti viral medicine and an anti fungal medicine. A lot of this is preventative, some is necessary of course.


  1. Thank you so much for all these posts and today. I know I have not seen Julie in such a long time but I always think and pray for her. I am so so happy that you and your family have been given this opportunity. No one deserves it more then you. I will keep Julie and you and your family in my prayers and I will definitely be at the benefit!!

  2. Thank you so much Dave for the updates. I look forward to everyone of them. What a day! Much love...Monique and Christian.

  3. Dave and Julie, wow. I am truly in awe of your courage and attitudes. What an incredible story. I wish you so much luck in your recovery and will certainly be praying for you and your sweet boys. God bless.

    Marcie Bodell Busath

  4. I'm so happy for you guys and I pray things continue to go well. I am Emilee Pehrson, the one that called with all the surrogacy questions. We actually have a 3 month old little boy. Im also at the Ucurrently admitted and was so excited when I heard the news. I have been praying for you all since I heard the news. Congratulations!

  5. What a miracle. We love you and pray for you. Way to fight Julie! Wish we were there to be with you and to play with the twins.

  6. This is so awesome...yet so surreal. I can only imagine how you (Dave) feel & Rick & Linda. All that has transpired in the last 24 hours is so wonderful, yet so humbling & sobering. Becca said our family prayer just now & she said "Please bless Julie that she won't have to go to the hospital again." Cute & ironic. We love you & we're continuing to pray for you both; as well as Rick & Linda & all involved. Love to you all!
    Aly, Brig, & kids

  7. P.S. Thank you Dave for keeping us all updated through the blog. It's amazing.

  8. I wish you all the best. She clearly has everything to fight for. We had to have one of our twins, our daughter, tested for CF. Waiting for those test results was one of the hardest moments for me. I am so happy a transplant was possible for her and hope that she recovers fully so her body will now be able to keep up with her.