Monday, March 14, 2011

"This day just got better and it was a really good day".

March 13 @ 11.04 PM

Holy crap. Just came back from the bathroom without oxygen and I am saturating 99% on room air. This day just got better and it was a really good day. My mom came with me to x-rays, they were clear so Bill Wong the Cardio Thorasic Surgery PA came and took out the rest of my chest tubes. My mom held my hand the whole time. My Dad and Dave came up and shortly afterwards we went for long walks and ate in the cafeteria. Oh what a joy without the Foley catheter. My Dad told me he wasn't expecting to see me look this good and full of color until after the resurrection. The look he gave me was something spiritual and of pure joy. The amazment in the peoples eyes when they look at me now is something I will never be able to describe. I think many loved ones and friends faith in me has been so amazing. I feel good to know they knew I could conquer such a great giant.

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