Monday, March 7, 2011

Rick went in to watch them extubate her. As soon as she saw him through the glass, she turned and grabbed the pencil and wrote, "pull the drape!" It was our second attempt to try and watch. The nursing student closed the drape briskly. The social worker wanted to keep the peace. Julie was in survival mode. She said later "the emotional garbage you can't deal with." She just wanted to focus on breathing. We got a good laugh out of it. Julie and James both will let you know when you are overstepping your bounds.


  1. Aunt Carill Ina and familyMarch 7, 2011 at 1:57 PM

    Thank you for sharing .... I'm loving Julie's attitude - it reminds me of her mother.

    I posted earlier but haven't seen it. Just know that our family has you in our prayers, etc. I sent them all a link to this site.

  2. I followed the link from Somer's blog.. BEST wishes for your wife and beautiful family!! I had my transplant going on 3 yrs ago and life is just fabulous!!! VERY excited for all of you!