Monday, March 7, 2011

She's back!

She booted me out of the room; She is back! I will explain. I went into see Julie this morning with Rick. She has her eyes open all the time. I called this morning at 5:30 to see how she was doing. She slept all last night and was still asleep. When I got here Rick went in first for a few minutes. She asked him if it was the first time he saw her. He explained that he and I and her mother were there for 24-26 hours yesterday. When I came in and saw her and her eyes were open I was excited. "Heyyyyyyy! Your awake, and your writing. I see you have a stack of paper." She immediately wrote: 'I need to stay calm. If I get stressed you need to leave.' "Okay. Are you okay? Am I stressing you out?" 'Get my nurse'. I feel terrible, but you have to know that I am laughing because her personality is shining through. She was having a hard time breathing because she is breathing through a tube, her new lungs are a little larger, there is swelling and bruising inside etc. When she feels like she is going to cry, everything tightens up. She booted us out. We just got a report that she wrote 'my husband loves me, I love my husband, I just need to stay relaxed'. She is getting extubated within the hour and that will relieve a lot of the pressure.


  1. Oh What Wonderful news! I am so happy.... for you Dave, Julie, your Beautiful boys and your families... your prayers were finally answered.... you received that special call. Wow! I bet that was an unbelievable moment for you both. I am so happy to hear the surgery went so well. And that Julie is strong and positive and is bouncing back to her spunky funny self. I hope the recovery is going great. My thoughts are with you both. I Miss and LOVE Julie Dearly! Always.
    Thank You for your blog. What a lovely idea.
    Love & Prayers,
    Staci Nielson