Sunday, March 6, 2011

The surgeon just came in. He said he was very pleased with how well she did. She is in the SICU right now getting the "hour of love" where the monitor her like crazy. He said that removing her lungs was challenging. The left took more time.


  1. whoooooohooooooo. Glad she's doing well. Our prayers are with your family.

  2. Thank you for all the updates Dave! You must be exhausted. I can't believe what has happened in the last 15 or so hours!! AMAZING. To be there with her when she got the call and witnessing how someone's life can change with one phone call is a moment I'll never forget. I know now is such a critical time for her recovery, but the second the doctors ok visitors, let me know. It's killing me not being there with her.

  3. Dave-
    Thank you so much for doing this and for being so vigilant in keeping us all updated.
    I love and adore Julie and couldn't be more thrilled for you guys. I'm relieved beyond words that the surgery went well and I'll continue to pray for her successful and promising recovery.
    Please give Julie my love.
    -Jami Lamborn