Monday, March 14, 2011

This is blowing my mind!!

I can't get over how weird this all is. Every time I look at Julie without an oxygen cannula on I am dumbfounded that she is sating so high. I find myself wanting her to check her sats more than she does. She is in the high 90's or at 100% all the time, while my sats are in the mid 90's. What's up with that?? It is so cool to see it happen right before your eyes. To witness Gods hand in your loved one's life is baffling. The way I describe it: It's so cool. No matter what your belief is, It is incredible to watch what modern medicine and faith can accomplish. They are two very interconnected facets of healing. In my opinion, the patient has just as much a role in making this a success as do the physicians and clinicians. They carry out the tasks and procedures, and its up to Julie, her determination and her belief in Christ to see her way back to "normal" life. She said yesterday that she is just a steward for God to show his works here on earth. She feels that it's not her, it's the power of prayer and of Jesus Christ. Anyone who knows her may not think of her as a holy roley in your face Latter Day Saint. However she has a deep relationship with her Savior and has come to know Him through her struggles. It is humbling to be married to her. It is an opportunity of learning. Everything is so black and white to Julie, and yet she somehow is able to stay down to earth.

Julie is looking forward to mundane tasks of organizing her closet or cleaning her house without feeling winded or tired. She is looking forward to playing with her boys and not having to leave to rest. This new life does come with work and challenges however. She will need to stay fairly isolated until they get her blood levels stable for her anti rejection. She is extremely vulnerable in the first 6 months or so. She will go home on some nebulized treatments initially to help with sputum motilization, but ultimately as long as things continue the way they are, nebs will be a thing of the past. She has had a whole life of things getting worse, so for things to continue to get better, is a new thought process. She doesn't want to get her hopes up and have them dashed. For instance, we spoke with another transplant pt. a few weeks ago that after about 2 months got sick. She had to come up to the hospital, get admitted and go back on oxygen. After a few weeks she was able to come back off. We recognize that there may be speed bumps along the way, and we will face those if/when they come, but for now we will ride this wave and enjoy it.


  1. Julie, you are amazing! What a great example you are to all. Thinking of you often. Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way. Love ya!
    Katy Sargent Carter

  2. We are very excited for you progress!
    Don Nicoll

  3. You two are so cute and positive! I'm so glad I met you and had your boys in nursery! I can't believe all this has happened since the last time I saw you and I'm so happy for you guys! Congratulations!