Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oxygen Gone!

It's been one month since I recieved the call for my lungs. Today Praxair/Apria came and picked up all of my oxygen:  two liquid oxygen tanks (R2D2), an oxygen consentrator, six E-Tanks (steel gumby), and two pressure gages. What a relief! I have more room in my closet and no sight of R2D2s and steel gumbys (our name for e tanks). I am so excited to finally have some normal space in my house instead of having it decorated with medical equipment. I can't believe it's gone. People would tell me it might be mentally hard to get used to being without oxygen, but if I don't need it, I don't need it and if I do need it I will order it. I am fine without it. I do have to admit after I had my first biopsy the drugs made my respiratory drive slow down so the PA advised me to nap with .5 Liters of O2. I was parinoid so I did exactly that. I got an E-tank out and napped and slept with it all that night. Previously being on a Bi-pap at night on 6-8 liters, an e tank wouldn't cut it, especially all night long. I really didn't need the oxygen the second night after my bronc, but my sweet husband had to tell me straight up, "you don't need it, you are saturating 96% while you are sleeping". I was just mentally comfortable with wearing my oxygen.  Now I can say the oxygen is gone and I'm ok with it. Another positive, last night I invited my husband back into our bed. That is a sign I am feeling good enough to sleep through the night and not have one eye open from the pain. I can sleep through his light snore again. Dave was probably relieved to finally come back to a nice comfortable bed instead of being on the couch for three weeks.


  1. I'm so happy for you Julie. It was nice meeting you the other day in the PFT waiting room. Take care!

  2. Oxygen Gone? What?!

    whee! I tried to do a smiley face but NO!
    I have a smiley face lol

  3. It was so good to see you guys on the news tonight!...oh it was like we were kind of visiting since we haven't been able to see you! Julie, you look great and we miss you guys and the boys! I watched the story multiple times and just cried! We are so grateful to be a part of your lives. We love you so much! love, Suzy, Mark, and girls