Friday, May 6, 2011

The Morning Show

These last couple weeks have been rather hectic.  Dave was out of town from Wednesday through Monday last week on business.  The good thing about him being gone for that long is he was awarded Golden Kiwi, one of the top sales reps of his company (Fisher & Paykel Healthcare).  What that means is an all expense paid trip for he and a guest (me/wife) to Laguna California at the St. Regis Resort for 4 days.  We are so excited; We need this trip. I was proud of him winning this award in spite everything he has been through this year.  I am really so proud of him.

Yesterday morning Dave's cousin Paul Cardall and I were fortunate enough to be guests of the 'Radio from Hell' morning show with Carry Bill and Gina on X96.  It was fun and also nerve racking.  Paul is so good at that stuff.  I just kinda followed his lead.  People called in and there was one guy, Glen in particular who called in and asked me a couple of questions.  I didn't get a chance to answer his question completely.  I wish I could have talked to him longer.  I remember he was 21 and has CF and wanted to know more about transplant.  If you are the young man who called in this morning and read this blog, please don't hesitate to ask me questions.  I am more than willing to talk to you and I know you will know what Creon 20, PFT, and FEV1 are.  Everyone seemed to be confused.  Basically, it would be nice to talk to you and not have to spell everything out.  When you said you had been in the hospital recently and the Docs had mentioned transplant to you a couple times, I wondered if your doctor is Dr. Liou.  Because if it is, and he has mentioned transplant, you should probably do the work up.  Dr. Liou wouldn't just throw the idea around lightly.  Dr. Liou has also written one of the top papers on this matter specifically.  It's a ten page model on when CF patients should get sent to transplant.  Nearly the whole country uses some form of this model that the UofU created.

To hear the podcast go to:
Click on May 5, 2011 Ask a heart/lung transplant recipient


  1. Listening to it made me miss you!... and my friends Kerry, Bill and Gina.

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