Monday, May 9, 2011

Photos of Julie's life as a mom before transplant.

Julie was on cloud nine when our boys were born. This first pic was in January when they were one month old. Notice the oxygen cannula next to Jacks head.

This was the first hospital stay after they were born. They were two months old. This was typical to bring the boys up to see Julie, feed them, and even create a make shift bed on the floor with a mattress so they could nap.

This was during the summer of 2009. Again look at the joy she has on her face. She loves being a mom to these boys.

The pictures below are during a hospital stay in August of 2009. Julie is always taking care of them!


This was another hospital stay on a walk with the boys.

Summer 2010 watching a movie with Ben and Jack...most likely a Pixar.

Lake Powell next to the house boat with the oxygen "ball and chain" tubing. We talked about this possibly being the last time we could go down with her health declining.

We made it to Newport in the fall to take the boys to the beach. The satchel on Julies shoulder is a portable oxygen concentrator. Much like the picture below, We tried to get as much in last year as we could.

Julie insisted we make it to Small World, I insisted on Autopia, and they were fortunate enough to get suckers the size of their heads because that is something Julie remembers most about Disneyland.

Still being a mom despite going in and out of the hospital. This is a great picture depicting how happy she was last year. She will sit with them and admire them as she teaches them how to eat.

Anyone who knows Julie, knows how much she loves Halloween. She goes all out and orders costumes for them 2 months before.

See what I mean...She was Stawberry Shortcake.

Julie discovered that Jackson wanted to eat his yogurt by himself with a big boy spoon. You can see the pride in her eyes.

And then the call came. We rushed to the hospital wondering what was going to happen in this crazy process. We were thinking of the donor family and what agony they might be going through. We had peace about Julie and the outcome that was to be weather good or bad, and prayed that the donor family would feel the same peace we felt.

These pictures were early in the morning after pulling an all nighter as we got news that she was off bypass and we were through the worst of it. What a relief but still intense as she wasn't closed up yet...

Day ONE, Sunday March 6, 2011

Day TWO, Just 24 hours after getting out of surgery she was walking. When they extubated her, she immediately sat up in her bed.


Day FOUR, Looks comfortable right? These are the chest tubes for drainage. That is 3 of the 5 that were in her. That is what limited her breathing the first few days.

Day FIVE, she's getting her attitude back, "What are you doing??" I cheered her up by taking her to the cafeteria and getting some onion rings.

Day SIX, IV pumps are depleting along with tubes.



Day NINE, Oxygen hung up.


I planned on doing this for a long time, so here it is a picture time line of the life before transplant and the fight that brought her back so quickly. The day by day is so telling of her determination and fight. She is alive today because she can be a "pain in the butt." She knows that if she has to be this way to get prescriptions filled, take her meds on time and work relentlessly at her workouts. She is THE MOM!! We are so proud of you and so happy you are fighting to be here. We love you Julie!


  1. Julie, I don't know if you remember me but we hung out a few times with Jessica Nelson several years ago. I've been following your blog for a while now and just wanted to let you know how happy I am for you and your family. You are truly a miracle and an inspiration to others! You deserve all the happiness in the world and it looks like you've got it with those two beautiful boys and wonderful husband!
    Brittany Coons

  2. Wow what an amazing mom you are... I agree you have two beautiful boys and one awesome husband at your side supporting you 110%.... Lisa R

  3. Absolutely incredible! Julie, I go the U and have heard quite a bit about you. You're a bit of a celebrity there. ;) I also saw your story on KSL, but it's very different hearing such a close account of your experiences.

    Congratulations on your new lease on life! God truly is great!